Bridal Jewellery Trend Setters


The big day which you’ve been so thoroughly planning for is almost here! As your heart beats faster in the superb idea of spending the rest of your life with that special someone, that checklist for perfection starts ticking its clock! For every moment that you close your eyes, imagine yourself, flawless on your lovely gown, handpicked to dazzle! When you’ve chosen nothing less than perfection when it comes to bridal jewelry we are here to help you decide on the perfect finishing touch! Read more to Pick in the trendiest of style from down the aisle:

Twist’em up: Your necklace will always be the piece of jewelry that grabs the most attention, so make certain you do not leave any stone unturned while amping up this up. Layering is already among the biggest trends this season. Going traditional? Decide on a single piece stunning kundan and polki necklaces with around five unique layers. Or mix and match to create your own distinctive look. Strings of civilization pearls, the layered look is for brides who wish to keep their options open! The short and the long run, nothing makes catches more attention than the playfulness that these pieces bring with them! And why stop at neck bits only? Bangles and rings can be stacked together too to increase the glam quotient!

The royal cocktail ring: Though the traditional cocktail ring styles have always been in vogue, they’ve recently become more popular in Indian weddings because of the stylized appearance it provides both to Indian and western wear. A huge rock, or thorough meenakari work, the cocktail ring sits on a throne outshining the rest! And before he puts a ring on it which will always steal the show, showcase fashions that nobody else has!

Tradition meets modernity: The term’old is gold’ is back in fashion, now in the real sense of the term! With the modern classics of Indian jewelry such as chandbali, jhumkis and arsis making a comeback, the element of newness is brought in with a twist of modern strategies and patterns of experimental pieces. Such designs can be viewed in new patterns like the two finger ring and detachable earrings infused with classic traditional motifs. While polki designs are still popular, we’re seeing a steady shift towards smaller designs. Subtleness together with course are the new buzzwords.

Delicate Desires: Going in for a minimalistic look does not mean to say you don’t need to appear good! Stunning pieces inspired by royalty and scatter to the theme, bits which are easy, yet simply unforgettable! Using small round diamonds, replicas of fancy diamond shapes are made using the pressure setting procedure. Some popular shapes invented through this include the Aquila, Miracle plates and Napoli amongst others. Adding to this, an amalgamation of kundan polki style, fine temple jewelry, piroi, with diamonds are also in vogue.

Getting down to the fundamentals: A girls’ best friend, diamonds are presently being explored beyond the standard shapes of square, pear and around. Radiant, Princess, Marquise Cushion cuts are certain to catch anyone’s attention from afar! Clubbed for this, seamless combinations of white and rose gold are in trend with double colors standing out. In regards to gemstones, aside from the evergreen pearls, green and red gems, even blue diamonds are grabbing increasing interest.

Settings and placements: Known among the most easily outstanding of designs, the starburst setting has ever given a ‘spread-out’ appearance to the design which makes it seem even more glamorous! The microwave setting that in French literally means paved’ refers to an arrangement of diamonds across a surface also works well for the 3D form. Besides these, the normal prong setting still manages to create enthusiasm, as diamonds will continue to remain popular this season.

Customization is key: For those brides wanting to preserve the traditional look while adding a bit of innovation, custom high-end jewelry is quite much in vogue. From big sized diamonds to elaborate unconventional cuts or detachable jewelry which can be worn in a number of ways, the list is endless as is your decision. A bride of today thinks far beyond just her wedding day itself and wishes to work with jewelry and bridal trousseaus which may be worn for different occasions also. This is where detachable diamonds and jewelry play an integral role in allowing accentuating any appearance! What’s more, many brides and grooms prefer to pick their jewelry and trousseau collectively which while subduing the surprise component, ensures a whole’in-sync’ look.

Suited to your budget and what speaks volumes of your entire life story, there’s absolutely not any rock left unturned when it comes to experimenting with customized jewelry.

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