Brand-Building Tips on Using Instagram for Your Business


Among the most powerful marketing tools, entrepreneurs have now is social media. From Facebook articles to tweets on Twitter, sharing your services or products on social networking platforms is an excellent way to boost brand awareness, participation, sales, and prospects.

However, a lot of people are left scratching their heads when it comes to marketing with Instagram.

A lot of people use Instagram as a personal account to post photos of our loved ones, friends, holidays and meals – but how can it tie into business? And should it?

With the rate of that Instagram is growing, do not underestimate its worth to improve your brand and marketing campaigns.

It has grown into a remarkably valuable marketing platform and even though the 18-29-year-old’s are still widespread users, the higher age groups are catching on and catching up quickly.

Should you feel the tug to research Instagram as a part of your social networking marketing plan, check out these first pointers to help you get started:

1. Use Hashtags Wisely

You do not have to cram every hashtag you can imagine in 1 post, but you do need at least a few.

A hashtag is the # sign followed by descriptive words about your picture as in this instance, I used #marketing and #ctaconf, which was the conference I was attending at the moment.

When an individual clicks/taps on a hashtag or forms a hashtag to the search box, it brings up all images that use that hashtag.

The hope is that the user will see your photo, visit your profile and best-case situation, follow you and get engaged with more of your articles!

But when hashtags are really popular, the competition to appear in the results is ferocious. Similar to SEO keywords, the more popular a term is, the harder it is to keep at the peak of the search results. Thus, my case of using #marketing was useless if I wanted to get any traction with that post.

You want to create your hashtags pertinent to your business and place, but also engaging enough that a user would type them into Instagram’s search box.

Holidays and special events are a great time to promote your business and earn Instagram followers. When it is a sale on Black Friday, a Thanksgiving-related use for your product or a product shout-out on National Dog Day, they’re all perfect opportunities to showcase your business brand in a non-sales way.

2. Thank Your Audience for Showing Up

You do not just post a whole lot of photos and hashtags and await the likes to roll in.

To gain Instagram followers, engage with your audience and grow leads or sales, you want to put in the moment.

Businesses often follow commenters first, in the hopes that they may return the favor.

You could also look for folks who may be interested in your product, then comment on their photos and/or follow them, but do not spam them with a request to accompany you straight away.

3. Interact with the Perfect Influencers

Influencers are Instagram users that will influence your target audience due to their popularity and/or social media after.

You could always find somebody who your target audience follows, likes or admires. Maybe they’d be happy to examine your product or have a photo using it – use your imagination!

4. Don’t Just Shill Your Products

Instagram isn’t the place to just share product shots all of the time. Consider the experience people have using what you are offering or the benefits it provides people.

Better still, show real-examples. Asking for user-generated content out of your audience is 1 means to do this. That means that users share their photos with a hashtag you supply.

Make certain to let folks know that their images may be featured on your page and you’ll be able to boost your Instagram content large time – free of charge!

However, you use Instagram to your business, be authentic and true to your brand. It is what the stage is all about, and it is going to help you grow your business, gain Instagram followers and bring leads or sales.

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