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We’ve Launched Agent Quest/Conversations That Matter!

We’ve Launched Agent Quest/Conversations That Matter!

I’m very pleased to announce that Agent Quest and my passion project podcast Conversations That Matter podcast are in full swing and I’m spending most of my time over there these days!

My brand architect, Melanie and I have been hard at work with some pretty awesome clients on rebranding projects, and I have been coaching some stellar agents! Please join me over there to keep in touch!

Cheers and reach out ANY TIME!


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Hey YOU! Building Brands with Social.

It ain’t easy! For anyone trying to establish an audience for their brand using social, it’s a true challenge. As social becomes adopted, the space gets noisier the streams more crowded and the goal post keeps moving! Just when you think you have it all figured out and you’re ready to tell everyone what they need to do; the tools/platforms/strategies need to evolve! It’s a never-ending chase!

AND you can feel like you’re losing your mind. I used to LOVE my twitter real-time conversations until it became all-consuming and I had to back off just for sanity and some life balance! Then there are my Facebook engagements, but even those have become increasingly shallow. My take – everyone in my world is busy angling for their own audience. Where one used to be able to stand out and relatively easily garner a decent amount of attention, the space has become increasingly competitive and more broadcasty!

In my new role as Concierge for the Real Estate Revolution, this is an issue. We’re a new brand anxious to build a new audience. We believe of course that we have a great product, but how do I share that without YELLING and waving my arms around like a lunatic? The last thing I want to do is spam my hard-earned network who I’ve been preaching RELATIONSHIP BUILDING to for the past 8 years?

SO I canvassed my marketing pals on Facebook (TOTALLY worth the read!) and was of course relieved to discover we’re all on the same page, and still believe in building actual relationships, delivering real value, solving problems and telling compelling stories.

Valerie Garcia, Sr Technology Coach and Corporate Trainer at Remax Ontario/Atlanticwas the first to chime in with her wisdom:

I think the key is to deliver value along with the ask.

INDEED. Of course I completely agree.  We don’t walk around with our hands out asking people to do things for us but it does get challenging when there’s only so many hours in the day and eventually you gotta share your message.

Ethan Beute (CMO from BombBomb my favorite video email marketing platform) shared some golden nuggets (over on the thread you should read) and then followed up with me in – you guessed it – a video message! How appropriate!

As you can clearly see I know some pretty amazing people who tell great stories, share great ideas and offer a TON OF VALUE! Love learning from the best!

Thanks also to Laura Monroe, Michael Thorne, Patrick Berzai, Rebekah Radice, David Marine and Cory Vasquez for all of your contributions not just yesterday but EVERY DAY! I’d love to keep these conversations going!


The Top 10 reasons Why THE REAL ESTATE REVOLUTION IS  Your 1 MUST ATTEND Conference This Year!

The Top 10 reasons Why THE REAL ESTATE REVOLUTION IS Your 1 MUST ATTEND Conference This Year!


Your 1 MUST ATTEND Conference This Year

by Teri Conrad ~ Real Estate Revolution Concierge

Here’s the thing. There are SO many Real Estate conferences that occur EVERY year! So how do you decide where to spend your time, attention and money?

The Real Estate Revolution is truly different!


Let’s start with the leadership: Matthew Ferrara has spent more than two decades helping real estate salespeople leverage new technologies. Matthew has headlined some of the biggest learning events in the industry, from New York to Sydney to London, delivering clear strategies for generating leads, converting them to customers, and delivering delightful customer service with today’s modern tools. Long before real estate went online, Matthew was teaching real estate professionals how to use technology to expand their market, create powerful marketing, and leverage modern communications tools. From video to mobile to social, nobody knows real estate technology better than Matthew – and he’ll show you exactly how to make them work for you.

With more than 25 years in the real estate industry, Dan Elzer knows what it takes to sell real estate. As a former broker-owner of a highly successful company in Florida, and now a nationally acclaimed trainer, Dan has taught thousands of high-performing salespeople to use proven, smart sales techniques to grow their business. Dan’s approach transforms people skills into winning differences for real estate agents. He transforms the essentials like business planning, prospecting, strong communications and closing techniques into rock-solid foundations for a salesperson’s success. When you want to move the needle, you ask Dan Elzer.

Together Matthew and Dan compliment each other’s skill sets to bring you a combined cornucopia of expert knowledge and I DEEPLY RESPECT them both!

2. The WHY

Matthew and Dan have traveled the world inspiring and training agents and witnessing first hand the struggles that we have. Immersed in a rapidly disruptive world where new technology and tools and connectivity are happening at lightning speed, their collective goal is to TRULY HELP YOU filter all of the noise and move quickly to productivity. There will be no up-sell, no hype, no fluff. Just quality information filtered and acquired first hand!


We’re not like other conferences.  We’re a workshop. At other RE conferences, you’ve likely attended for motivation and inspiration hoping to hear of some great new tools and techniques and then head home to investigate, quickly get sidetracked with work, promptly forget most of what you heard and/or get discouraged! At the Real Estate Revolution you will be workshopping the techniques at round tables with your peers learning on site!  Make sure to bring your laptops fully charged!


Matthew and Dan match today’s innovative technology with tried and true sales techniques! The goal is to actually HELP YOU take your business to the next level. They’ll weed through the ‘new shiny objects’ and highlight tools that actually make you more effective and productive focusing on 4 KEY GROWTH AREAS: Prospecting, Presentations, Closings and Referrals.


At the Real Estate Revolution you aren’t just attending a conference. You’re joining a community with MEMBERSHIP and with membership comes its privileges:

After the event, you’ll keep learning via our eight-week video-follow up series. You’ll get two videos each week by email, with additional ideas and practice challenges. Plus, you’ll have access to dozens of videos in our “best practices” library for the following 10 weeks, so you can learn even more at your convenience.


It’s impossible to do an event without sponsor support, but even the sponsors for the event have been selected because they’re interested in your growth, not just signing you up. They will be there to answer questions and offer suggestions, but they won’t be there selling their stuff from the stage. This event is really, totally and purposefully for you!


Because of our sponsor support, we can deliver all of this incredible value for a ridiculously low price of only $199.00! An incredible value for access to all our resources and coaching from THE EXPERTS. Other conferences and coaching would cost thousands!


We’re on the road which means we will be in a city near you and that also greatly reduces YOUR cost and travel inconvenience! Let us know if you want to see us in your city!


Everyone needs a little help and support. At The Real Estate Revolution you will enjoy the benefits of networking with other like-minded people in a supportive environment with hands on training. You’ll also be able to stay connected with each other, Matthew and Dan beyond the day’s event in our private Facebook group where you can ask any questions, share experiences and best practices!


You’ll often hear Matthew talk about creating an ‘Epcot Experience’ where Disney anticipates your every need and over-delivers on expectation. This is what I hope to do as your Concierge with #RERevolution  & I hope you’ll let me know how I can make your experience better!


I once was an Agent like you, and have been working inside the Real Estate vertical for 8 years! I’ve attended conferences all over North America. You might even call me a conference junkie! And I’ve met some of the most amazing people in this industry!  I can honestly say that working with Matthew and Dan is an absolute honor not only because of how much I respect them as leaders, but because I KNOW they truly want to deliver a valuable experience that actually makes a difference for you!  We’re WIDE open to feedback and would LOVE to hear your thoughts, any questions or suggestions you may have! Please feel free to reach out to either myself on Facebook or Twitter or just follow us for updates!

Join us in a city near you! We’ll be in Phoenix on April 23rd! Buy your tickets today and be entered to win an iPad Mini!! >>>> HERE!

Win iPad mini

Join the Real Estate Revolution!



Introducing the Real Estate Revolution, where the best of both worlds come together to prepare you for a whole new level of sales success. Join Dan Elzer and Matthew Ferrara, internationally acclaimed sales trainers, for a learning journey unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. They will teach you how to combine essential sales skills and cool tech tools into a winning formula to attract clients, close more sales and grow your career. It’s no longer a “choice” between technique and technology – it’s a collaboration that top salespeople worldwide know leads to the highest levels of performance!

I’m excited to be your CONCIERGE and look forward to making it the best possible experience before, during and after! Reach out to me if you have ANY questions or I can help in any way!   You can also follow the conversation on twitter @Teri_RER, on our Facebook page and by watching the hashtag #RERevolution .

We’ll be in Phoenix and Las Vegas in April! Join us if you can and I would very grateful if you passed this on to anyone you feel may appreciate it!

Join the Real Estate Revolution today!


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Pretty excited about my new project that is in the works!

I am PASSIONATE about “Conversations That Matter” ~ digging a little deeper and exploring different perspectives on subjects that actually matter to us!

SO stay tuned… I will be launching a podcast soon at www.convosthatmatter.com

In the meantime – join the conversation on Twitter and follow @ConvosTMatter :)