Hey YOU! Building Brands with Social.

It ain’t easy! For anyone trying to establish an audience for their brand using social, it’s a true challenge. As social becomes adopted, the space gets noisier the streams more crowded and the goal post keeps moving! Just when you think you have it all figured out and you’re ready to tell everyone what they need to do; the tools/platforms/strategies need to evolve! It’s a never-ending chase!

AND you can feel like you’re losing your mind. I used to LOVE my twitter real-time conversations until it became all-consuming and I had to back off just for sanity and some life balance! Then there are my Facebook engagements, but even those have become increasingly shallow. My take – everyone in my world is busy angling for their own audience. Where one used to be able to stand out and relatively easily garner a decent amount of attention, the space has become increasingly competitive and more broadcasty!

In my new role as Concierge for the Real Estate Revolution, this is an issue. We’re a new brand anxious to build a new audience. We believe of course that we have a great product, but how do I share that without YELLING and waving my arms around like a lunatic? The last thing I want to do is spam my hard-earned network who I’ve been preaching RELATIONSHIP BUILDING to for the past 8 years?

SO I canvassed my marketing pals on Facebook (TOTALLY worth the read!) and was of course relieved to discover we’re all on the same page, and still believe in building actual relationships, delivering real value, solving problems and telling compelling stories.

Valerie Garcia, Sr Technology Coach and Corporate Trainer at Remax Ontario/Atlanticwas the first to chime in with her wisdom:

I think the key is to deliver value along with the ask.

INDEED. Of course I completely agree.  We don’t walk around with our hands out asking people to do things for us but it does get challenging when there’s only so many hours in the day and eventually you gotta share your message.

Ethan Beute (CMO from BombBomb my favorite video email marketing platform) shared some golden nuggets (over on the thread you should read) and then followed up with me in – you guessed it – a video message! How appropriate!

As you can clearly see I know some pretty amazing people who tell great stories, share great ideas and offer a TON OF VALUE! Love learning from the best!

Thanks also to Laura Monroe, Michael Thorne, Patrick Berzai, Rebekah Radice, David Marine and Cory Vasquez for all of your contributions not just yesterday but EVERY DAY! I’d love to keep these conversations going!


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  1. Well done, Ethan. :)

  2. As you know, I’ve been around awhile and you’re absolute right when it comes to the noise and saturation. Building a Brand still has one common denominator to garner attention, and traffic….you have to be speaking the right language in solving your target group’s problem. Many are talking, many can solve a readers problem, but they aren’t saying the right words, they’re not sending the right message.

    You should write more often Teri!

  3. Thanks so much for the positive words, Jeff! Thanks for including me, Teri.

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