Why I only lasted 12 days in the Agency World

You ever have that feeling that you’re totally off track?

WELL…. so here’s the story:

For the past few years I’ve been on a quest to discover my true purpose, where I belong and what I have to offer the world.  Along the way I’ve explored my fascinations with real estate, brands, social media marketing and business. I’ve been writing, speaking, training, coaching but all the while wondering if it was serving any real purpose.

And then fear and doubt set in.  I worried about my security. I worried about whether I really have what it takes to survive and thrive on my own, and I wanted to know if the corporate world would accept me.  I felt I had something to prove to me, and to the rest of the world. I needed validation. Big time.

And I got it when a local PR firm offered me the Senior Manager of the Social Media Division; window office included.

YAY! I AM someone! I have been truly validated! I’ve made the big time. Oh ego… *eye roll*

What I determined very quickly,  just like when you’re dating, sometimes its just not a good fit.  I instantly became more clear about who I am, my skill set, the value I deliver and the life style that I want.

After attending The Art of Marketing conference yesterday (the day after I walked away from my contract) where Arianna Huffington dropped pearls of wisdom about the importance of ‘The Third Metric‘ and redefining success, I was validated once again.  Sleep deprivation, stress, hard selling and masculine competition does not have a place in my life. My focus is on my family and friends, health and wellness, delivering true value and living a purposeful life. That happens when I’m truly helping people, have the time and space to be creative at my pace, am valued for my skill set which includes engagement and community building, brand awareness, promotions, content generation and curation and business strategy.

I’m home, and back on track. Priorities in check and I’m back to work designing my life and my career to benefit everyone. Grateful for the opportunity, the learning and the clarity.

Always up for #ConversationsThatMatter and investing in relationships where we can find mutual benefit, I move into the next chapter…. AGAIN. #LifeIsAJourney



About Teri Conrad

Social Marketing Consultant. Brand & Social Biz Strategist. Community Outreach. Real Estate. Embracing the shift in communications and passionate about connection and engaging in #ConversationsThatMatter. Infuse with a little wine!


  1. WOW, I know it isn’t easy. I’m struggling myself this year as to where I truly fit and what I truly want in life.
    Good for you and I only hope to hear great things from you in the future!

    • Thanks @Gus! I think we all struggle to find our place ~I certainly don’t believe it’s just me. All in all I chalk it up to experience… which means learning… which is good ;) Thanks for your comments! Much appreciated and I wish the very same to you! Cheers!

  2. Good for you Teri! Sometimes we have to see for ourselves that the grass is not always greener on the other sides. I applaud you for the courage to realize you made a mistake and to walk away. Cheers for you new adventure!

  3. Thanks for your comments David. I guess I don’t really see it as a mistake. More of a ‘we tried and it just didn’t fit’ kind of thing. (Which isn’t to say that I don’t make a ton of mistakes!!) Walking away once I realized it didn’t work was the strongest decision to make if I wanted to remain in integrity so I feel good about the whole experience. NOW back to the drawing board ;)

  4. Teri – You know I have a deep and abiding love for you! Congratulations on making the leap AND for realizing that it wasn’t the right move and for doing something about it!!! So many people find themselves in the same situation, but don’t have the guts to say “You know what, this isn’t for me.”

    You’re a good egg and I can’t wait to see you next time.

    – Sunny

  5. What great courage you have. I am so proud of you for taking that leap and learning and listening to your inner voice. I am impressed you gave up the view, the swagger to create your own purpose and re-define what matters to you and to stand up for all that rings true in your heart! All the very best to you.

    • Thanks Kath! Really appreciate the support!I think we all fall into the trap of feeling like a failure and consequently stick it out too long. For me I just want to ‘fail fast” learn quickly and move on. Every experience is worth while!

  6. only because I’m a total smartass… You might want to update your bio that appears right under the post… :) I’m glad though that you realized and acted early that it wasn’t a good fit. Too many times people stay in jobs that aren’t good for them out of inertia or fear.

  7. I hear that Teri! I too am in a transition period, in a new city, just married and undergoing a re-evaluation of my true values. I am now confident to say that I am committed to a purpose-driven career and life. Congrats on taking the leap of faith and you are in my good vibes as you find your next step! xo

  8. Great piece Teri! Kudos for the courage to lay out loud what many ruminate in silence.

    I believe the real sweetness of life is the journey, as Baz Luhrmann said: “Don’s feel guilty… the most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 years old still don’t”

    Take listen here to Baz for a good reminder > http://youtu.be/sTJ7AzBIJoI BTW I recently discovered that the words to this immortal song were written by a certain Mary Schmidt in June 1997 and licensed by Baz. Check the story out here > http://j.mp/19gCyA4

    • Oh Yacine! That’s one of my favorite quotes! I SO relate! AND I was deeply inspired by that song/article from back in the day! It resonated with me then and it’s such a great reminder! Your comments are so appreciated! Cheers! Here’s to keeping our priorities straight! :)

  9. Great post, Teri In our time working productively together here and there a couple years ago, the one thing I picked up is that you’re someone who can go full steam ahead, head-down, giving 110% and other things like that. It’s a positive trait very few people have and, for me, it answered the question of “What does Teri actually do?” because from the outside looking in, it wasn’t initially obvious. *high 5* for being able to put it into a narrative while figuring out what’s important to you.

    • Hey thanks Dave! That’s very much appreciated and believe me – there’s days when Teri doesn’t know what Teri does! hehe Just keep trying to deliver value where I can – like most of us do! Hope you’re well my friend! Cheers!

  10. I am also motivated by “living a purposeful life.”.

    It is a broad term that can really be very specific to each of us. I am currently struggling with my business but I never want to go back to that corporate world you mentioned because I feel the same way.

    Great read and Teri thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks so much Raul! I agree – it is a broad term and a deeply personal definition for each of us. Getting quiet and filtering out all the noise of the world is sometimes a hard thing to do but required for me to hear my own thoughts and feel my own heart. Battling the ‘shoulds’ and expectations of others can also get in the way but when I go back to my core – the little girl inside – I know who I am. I am so pleased that my story is resonating. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment! Cheers to you!

  11. Marie Halfnights says:

    The level at which this post resonates with me is incredible. You have just described exactly how I am feeling about my own life & career. Thank you for sharing this experience – I’m so glad I read it.

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